Discover the Power of Conferencing with Mobiles.

The affordable global Mobile conferencing platform is here.

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When decisive decision matters, you need instant Mobile Conferencing

With timely decision, make success a certainty and NOT a chance

Call Recording

In corporate meetings the host has the option to record the meeting for minutes and reference. With host having the option to save or delete.

Single Invoice

While opening a corporate account the company can have multiple child accounts for concurrent use by key managers . The billing will be from the main account.

Unlimited Participants

AVOO allows a User to add upto 500 participants and in it is useful when certain conversations are on lecture mode and only few are speaking, and host can mute others.

Business Conference on Mobile, how it works?

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With AVOO Mobile App on your mobile, Conferencing is more like a normal phone call, with the unique freedom to conduct meetings with your team or customers, anywhere on the Globe.

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It's like making a normal mobile call, open your AVOO App and press Conference icon on in task bar, follow the schedule option at the top right. It's simple and intuitive.

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You can trigger 'Now' option for immediate or choose a time and date with calendar option to schedule for future. You can add participants from your 'Contact List' wherever they are in the world. Yes, the participants can be on land number or Mobile, it doesn’t matter.

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At the appointed time the host receives a call from AVOO and in seconds the participants are brought around for meeting on a secure bridge.

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When it’s business, Security and Control is of paramount importance.

With AVOO you can secure and restrict the meeting room with the invited participants only Compliances in place to adhere to GDPR standards.

All meeting records protected and sent to host and removed from system as required by host With AVOO App, your mobile can unleash effective control.

  • A control panel that can steer up to 500 participants
  • An interactive panel that allows you to manage every participant, individual or as group by muting or going into lecture mode
  • The ability to record the entire discussion for future reference and minuting
  • Ability to bring participants located remotely by landline effortlessly
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The ultimate Easy & Flexible Conferencing with AVOO Meet-Me is here.

Meet-Me Conferencing is a great way to connect multiple callers at different locations into the same live call for an alternative to face-to-face meetings.

This feature is available to users who have purchased any plan or credit

Follow the Easy steps to Join an AVOO Meet-Me Conference

  • Step 1. Dial-In with any AVOO Access Number
  • Step 2. Enter your Conference PIN Number and press # or for Participants (Host has to Input - Host PIN and press #)
  • Step 3. Then, You will be prompted to announce your NAME and Press # . Now you are in the "meeting room" with all participants.

Self-Muting – Hosts and participants can mute/un-mute themselves by pressing *6  on the telephone keypad.

You have access to a full range of capabilities and tools to optimize your conference calls. More details Click here


With a business friendly pricing AVOO makes Mobile Conferencing real and functional.

A Mobile Conferencing App at your finger tip for making informed decisions.

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  • 1000 Minutes
  • National Free
  • International
  • USA, Europe Landlines, Japan, Singapore, China, India
  • Number of participants : 4

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£29 per user per month
Billed annually, or £39 billed monthly
4000 minutes
Includes dial-out to UK phone numbers
4000 minutes
Includes dial-in UK
All other features
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For 25 to 10,000+ users
Full access to all premium features Enterprise account manager Enhanced security and SLAsPremium support
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