Visit and choose a plan and process your order online. Also, if you need more information you can reach out to our Customer Service and our team will guide you through.
Switch off your Mobile and make sure you have loaded the SIM correctly into your device. If your device is a smartphone, then dial 1244 and the SIM will go live with an automated voice prompt and text message.
The best option would be to contact customer service or you can login to your account and choose Mobile App and Add Credit. This will be different from adding credit to your SIM.
You may login to your account by web and check your credit or by texting 'BALANCE' to 1244
Step 1: Text 'PAC' to the following number:65075
Step 2: You will receive the PAC No by text for moving.
Step 3: Contact AVOO customer service on … 08001081810 and our friendly team will arrange transfer in ONE working day.
You can top-up your SIM through WEB or through Mobile App or calling Customer Service. Login with your username; Go to ‘Manage Account' and choose the 'Add Credit Option' or Call customer service on 03339989900
It's simple and involves TWO steps. Contact our customer service on 0333 9989 900 or go online and confirm 'Activation' of your SIM. Then switch off your Mobile and load the SIM and press dial 1244. You will get a message in few seconds. It's best to allow few minutes and restart the Mobile again and you are good to go.
This is easy. Android based Mobile Users can download AVOO from Google Play and iPhone Users can download from App Store. Follow the instruction to activate the app on your mobile through simple steps and your app will be active in a minute. If you still need help feel free to contact our customer service at 0333 9989 900
You may login to your account online and find your balance Or by texting 'BALANCE' to 1244
This can be activated through the web or through your AVOO application by going into your account and activating Auto Charge by setting a Minimum Balance amount and the top-up amount ( for Eg- Min amount £2 and top-up amount for auto recharge £5 ).
We recommend you visit “My Rates” in the App or online by logging in to your account. If you are on special package, then you will have to check with customer service.
With AVOO Mobile you will not be charged extra while travelling in the UK. For other countries do contact customer service.
You need to contact our customer service and report the loss and our team will arrange to replace the SIM within 3 working days or if you need it earlier, we can arrange special delivery for which delivery charges will be applicable. We will reinstate your balance on the new SIM.
To retrive voice messages, call 1233 from the UK or +447973101233 from abroad.

To disable voice mail, disable all Call Forwarding from the phone settings
To enable voice mail, enable Call Forwarding to +447973101233 on the phone settings

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Flexible to choose a different Plan before you activate your SIM, by
contacting Customer Service.

300 International Minutes

Iceland /
Ireland /
Mexico /
Norway /
Romania /
South Korea /
United States
Denmark /
India /
Mongolia /
Peru /
/ Include Landline / Mobile*

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