• 1. Acceptable Use Policy: Policy regulating the consumer use of the Products and Services, whether needed by Avoo Mobile or by the telecommunications operator of any network that promotes the Service access. The policy for acceptable use is defined in clause 5 below.
  • 2. Account: The registered or activated mobile telephone account by the consumer that uses Avoo Mobile Products and Services is to provide the consumer with Products and Services as well as to administer the Personal Data of the consumer.
  • 3. Agreement: The Terms and Conditions, the SIM Card User Guide accompanied along with it and the Rates put forward by Avoo Mobile time to time, including any offers. An agreement is deemed between a Consumer and Avoo Mobile when the consumer registers, activates or recharge the Product or Services, whichever takes place first, and Avoo Mobile will start providing the Network access as soon as possible so that the Service provision is available to the consumer.
  • 4. Charges: The Service usage traffic applicable to the consumer is available at https://avoomobile.com/ which includes connection charges and offers.
  • 5. Consumer: Any registered or activate account user of Avoo Mobile which includes but not limited to an individual, company or partnership. In these terms and conditions, the consumer sometimes is referred as ‘you’ or ‘your’ for convenience, which entails the same.
  • 6. Customer Support Department: For any queries related to the Products or Services of Avoo Mobile, you can contact the Customer Support Department in the following ways.
    a. Phone Number: +44 333 9989 900
    b. Email: support@avoomobile.com
    c. Website: https://avoomobile.com
  • 7. Avoo mobile is the trading name of Gencom Technologies Ltd Company registration no 11123714 with its registered office located at CHARTER HOUSE 8/10 STATION ROAD, LONDON, E12 5BT
  • 8. Network: To provide Avoo Mobile Services to the consumer, Avoo Mobile uses a telecommunications network for the purpose. This telecommunication network is referred as Network in general.
  • 9. Personal Data: The personal information that a consumer provides to Avoo Mobile is collected, used, generated, stored and processed which proving Avoo Mobile Services. This includes but not limited to the consumer name, address, date of birth, mobile number, telephone number, records of call data (inclusive of traffic & location data), records of recharge, details or credit and debit cards, recordings of voice mail, email copies (inclusive of your email address and enquiries you’ve made with Avoo Mobile Customer Support Department).
  • 10. Privacy Policy: The Privacy Policy explains how Avoo Mobile uses, collects, processes, generates and stores consumer’s Personal Data.
  • 11. Products: The Avoo Mobile SIM Card and the Avoo Mobile Recharge Voucher and all other products provided by Avoo Mobile, inclusive of promotional products.
  • 12. Roaming Services: mobile phone services that you use when traveling outside the country. EEA Roaming facilities are subject to extra conditions and fair use policies, see https://avoomobile.com.
  • 13. Services: The Avoo Mobile provides mobile telephone services which include but not limited to voice calling, messaging and data services, voicemail, caller line identification presentation (CLIP), calling line identification restriction (CLIR), recharge services, roaming services, and customer support services.
  • 14. SIM Card: Avoo Mobile provides you Avoo SIM Card which you need to insert into compatible mobile phone. The pre-activated prepaid card has a microprocessor which will facilitate you to access and Service usage.
  • 15. Recharge Services: The service that facilitates you to add credit to your Avoo Account.


  • 1. With our own network and a network of one or more telecommunications providers, Avoo Mobile will provide you with all these services. Sometimes one of these networks may not be available in order to maintain, modify, update, or protect the safety of the network. The services may not be available at this time.
  • 2. Mobile telephony is a type of wireless interaction based on the transmission of radio frequencies and signals. Due to the numbers of calls and emails or the quantity of information sent and received, the transmission of these radio and signal frequencies may be affected through network congestion.
  • 3. The radio and signal frequency transmission may be affected by the base station locations, barriers such as buildings or subways and external variables such as the geographical or weather circumstances. The Avoo Mobile Services may also be affected depending upon the GSM mobile telephone you use.
  • 4. The roaming services are subject to the roaming contracts and the Quality of Service (QoS) agreed by other telecommunications operators both nationally and internationally. The agreements of service quality agreed between these telecom operators are not controlled by Avoo Mobile.
  • 5. Avoo Mobile does not assure that the services (in terms of network availability, quality or coverage) are uninterrupted or error-free at all times at all locations, or are suitable to your specific needs or are completely secure against unauthorized interception.
  • 6. Avoo Mobile will not accept any liability for any loss, damage or inconvenience incurred in your case as a result of any disruption of the Services for the reasons stated above. However, Avoo Mobile would make every effort to keep minimum disruption to the Services.
  • 7. The consumer shall be liable and take every necessary measure to keep their Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Personal Unlocking Key) PUK code safe. For any improper or fraudulent use of Avoo Mobile SIM Card or Avoo Mobile Account, consumer shall be liable from the intentional or accidental disclosure of your PIN or PUK code or SIM card transfer to any other person.
  • 8. Details of other mobile operators with whom we are associated can be provided from time to time by our Customer Support Department.


  • 1. Usage of the SIM Card id done by inserting it into a compatible mobile phone. Once the SIM Card is inserted and the consumer’s Account is registered or activated. The consumer can start accessing the Services.
  • 2. The SIM Card always remains Avoo Mobile's exclusive property. The SIM Card must be retained and the SIM Card must not be lost or damaged. Only when Avoo Mobile finds defect due to faulty design or manufacturing will it replace a SIM Card. Avoo Mobile may charge you for the substitute SIM card if Avoo Mobile reasonably believe that you are responsible for loss, harm or theft of your initial SIM card. Consumer is responsible to inform Avoo Mobile immediately when any loss, theft or damage of your SIM Card or any improper or fraudulent use of your SIM Card. You accept and agree that once you start using the Services or Recharge the Services, you shall lose any right to cancel this Agreement under distance selling legislation.
  • 3. If the SIM Card is not used to make a voice call, messaging or for data, or if the consumer doesn’t recharge it for over a period of ninety (90) days from the Account registration or Activation of the Service, the SIM Card of the consumer shall be deactivated. Avoo Mobile shall provide you an additional thirty (30) days for Service usage.
  • 4. Your SIM Card shall remain active if the Service Usage continues after the additional thirty (30) days.
  • 5. Your SIM Card shall be deactivated if the Service Usage is not carried out in this additional thirty (30) days.


  • 1. Avoo Mobile provides prepaid services. The consumer is required to recharge their Account in advance to add credit to their Account. As charges are incurred, it shall be deducted from the amount credited to the consumer’s account. Account balance can be checking online or to know, please feel free to call our Customer Support Department.
  • 2. You pay for the Services by recharging your Account using any of the Recharge Services available from Avoo Mobile. You can use the Recharge Services after the completion of registration or activation of the account. There are a number of ways you can Recharge your account: a. Recharge voucher can be purchased from retail outlets and activate the PIN code with the help of instructions available at the Recharge Voucher. Our consumer can activate the PIN code with the help of our customer support department. b. The consumer can register their details with Avoo Mobile, purchase Recharge Voucher online and activate the PIN code with the help of our Online Recharge service.
  • 3. If the consumer Recharge their account within ninety (90) days from the registered date or activation of account or the last Services use (whichever is later), the sum of the Recharge credit the consumer bought will be added to the credit balance into consumer’s account at the time of your Recharge.
  • 4. The Account credit balance shall be used for the Services. The consumer is not entitled to receive refunds as cash for any credit balance available at your Account at any time, which includes when you fail to use the Services and your Avoo SIM Card is deactivated for when this Agreement is terminated.
  • 5. The consumer shall not receive any interest for any credit balance in their Account. Each and every time the consumer uses the Services, the credit balance in the consumer’s account will be deducted when you use the voice call, message or data that you send or transmit according to your destination, and current charges.
  • 6. The VAT is excluded in the call charges to 3 decimal places. Where applicable, VAT (at the current rate) is included to the total of all charges on the bill.
  • 7. 160 characters are the length of the standard text message. The consumer can send longer text on some mobile phones. The longer text will be split into a number of standard texts required for the delivery of the message. Each text will be charged as per the consumer’s plan. Avoo Mobile never guarantee the delivery of any text or MMS message which the consumer sends.


  • 1. Consumer agrees for Services usage by interesting the SIM Card into a compatible mobile phone.
  • 2. The consumer is not allowed to use the SIM Card or the Services as well as not allow any other person to the SIM Card or the Services usage. a. fraudulent or criminal offense-related; b. to communicate or store any content that is offensive, abusive, insensitive, defamatory, obscene or threatening, annoys or hoaxes, infringes upon the privacy or is otherwise unlawful, a violation of copyright, c. to cause other people consciously and intentionally annoyance, discomfort or unnecessary anxiety, d. to call Customer Support Representative at Avoo Mobile for offensive, abusive, indecent, defamatory, obscene or threatening calls, e. use the Services to transmit a virus or other malicious software in a way which impairs network operation or safety or which could result in death, personal injury or property damage, f. equipment not authorized for Network use, including SIM boxes and SIM gateways but not limited to only them, g. in order to support call forwarding services and to provide onward calling services that pay a share in revenue, or resell to others, or exploit our services commercially. h. except in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
  • 3. Avoo Mobile is authorized to suspend the consumer’s access to the Services in partial or in full and/or to terminate this Agreement without any prior notice and with immediate effect if the consumer does not comply with any provisions of section 4.2. This will deactivate consumer’s SIM Card. If Avoo Mobile terminates this Agreement, consumer shall not be able to access or use Service and the consumer won't be entitled to a refund of any credit balance available in the account.
  • 4. Once the SIM Card is activated, consumer needs to purchase the Recharge Voucher to use the Service. The consumer is requested to provide personal information such as name, email, date of birth, loan card or debit card information, to use the Recharge Services. Avoo Mobile may suspend the consumer’s access to the Services and/or terminate this Agreement without notice and with immediate effect. If the consumer personal data provided to Avoo Mobile is false, Avoo Mobile shall have the complete right to suspend or terminate the Service usage and access by partially or fully without any prior notice.
  • 5. Any unlimited plan for calls or texts provided by Avoo Mobile comes with Fair Usage Policy (FUP). If the consumer exceeds the FUP and we reasonably believe that the consumer is exceeding the service usage above the personal purpose, we reserve the complete right to restrict the consumer’s service.
  • 6. Avoo Mobile reserves the complete right to limit or stop access to certain websites and services through its network, including Voice over Internet Protocol (' VoIP') services, at its complete discretion (and without previous notice). The consumer may receive a message stating that the website or service is "not available" as Avoo Mobile has decided to restrict or prevent access under this paragraph.


  • 1. Avoo Mobile will only collect, retrieve, use, process and store your Personal Data in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Consumer agrees to input the latest information from time to time.
  • 2. Avoo Mobile has introduced adequate security techniques and agencies to prevent accidental or illegal destruction, loss or modification of consumer’s Personal Data or against unauthorized or illegal storage, access, processing or disclosures of Personal Data of the consumer.
  • 3. When a consumer register or activate an Account with Avoo Mobile, consumer gives the consent to Avoo Mobile to collect, process and share the Personal Data provided or generated by Avoo Mobile during the provision of the Services to the consumer, including details of voice calls, messages or data sent by the consumer ("Traffic Data") as well as the geographical location of the consumer’s mobile phone ("Location Data") for the purpose of: a. supplying products and services to the consumer. b. management of the consumer’s account by the Customer Support Department. c. providing service information with the consumer, for example, Network failure. d. The prevention of the detection of a fraudulent activity e. market research and profiling the consumer preferences of purchase and usage. f. compliance with the legislation and regulations.
  • 4. For Avoo Mobile to accomplish its obligations with respect to this Agreement, Avoo Mobile may need to reveal the consumer Data to other enterprises that process the consumer’s Personal Data on behalf of Avoo Mobile. These third parties may use the consumer Data only in compliance with respect to the instructions and in accordance with the law.
  • 5. Avoo Mobile may also need to transfer the consumer’s Personal Data to the third parties, this includes but not limited to our suppliers and service providers within the country and outside the European Economic Area. For example, Avoo Mobile uses a call center and customer support team with the help of an associate company based in India. In India, the data protection laws aren’t strong as the data protection level in UK. During such occasions, we take special steps to ensure that the consumer’s privacy rights are compliant with respect to the law in UK, which includes requiring appropriate security measures from these third parties, a contract which protects the consumer’s Personal Data.
  • 6. when using our Data services, Avoo Mobile may use the third-party software that changes the content of the advertising site the consumer choose to view. A persistent cookie is stored on the consumer's computer that allows our third-party software provider to obtain anonymous information for statistical reporting purposes to Avoo Mobile. The information is gathered or shared with such third parties solely pseudonymous and/or anonymous, and no personally recognizable information is shared. If the consumer does not want your anonymous information to be used in such a manner, please see our cookie policy for particular cookie handling guidelines.
  • 7. Avoo Mobile may monitor or record your discussions with the Customer Support Department on a regular basis. This may be performed for quality control reasons, to enhance services, to guarantee compliance with demands from government, regulatory or enforcement agencies, or to detect fraud.
  • 8. Subjected to the applicable laws and regulations, Avoo Mobile shall provide the consumer with their Personal Data stored at Avoo Mobile when receives a written request from the consumer. A nominal administration fee may be applicable. The consumer agrees that they have the complete responsibility to notify Avoo Mobile on any change in their Personal Data provided to Avoo Mobile. The consumer also needs to request to correct any incorrect information stored at Avoo Mobile. In accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, Avoo Mobile shall delete the Personal Data of the consumer on a written request.
  • 9. Avoo mobile and our sister companies may contact the consumer by mail, telephone, e-mail or SMS to inform the consumer about the latest offers, products and the services offered by Avoo Mobile, the sister companies and the selected third parties. If the consumer doesn’t wish to get this information, the consumer can contact our Customer Support Team to unsubscribe from this facility. To contact our Customer Support Team, email to support@avoomobile.com


  • 1. Other than as stated in this Agreement, Avoo Mobile does not accept any liability for the delivery, performance, and use of the Products and Services.
  • 2. Avoo Mobile shall not be deemed responsible for any harm or loss or discomfort caused by any voice call, message or information that the consumer has transmitted or received.
  • 3. Avoo Mobile shall not be deemed responsible for any loss or harm caused by the consumer resulting from the engagement of any third party, including government, judicial or administrative bodies.
  • 4. Avoo mobile shall not be deemed liable for any damage or loss incurred by the consumer if such damage or loss is indirect or a reasonably foreseeable result of an infringement by us; or if we are not liable or to the extent that the consumer has contributed to the damage or loss.
  • 5. If SIM Card of the consumer is lost or stolen, or if the consumer believes that any other individual is using your SIM Card fraudulently or inappropriately, consumer is requested to contact the Customer Support Department immediately. Avoo Mobile shall promptly block the SIM Card from anymore misuse. If the consumer fails to contact the Customer Support Team promptly, the consumer shall be held liable for any Charges related to the use of the SIM Card unless and until the consumer notifies it to us.
  • 6. Avoo Mobile shall not be held liable for the failure of any retail outlet on properly activating the SIM Card or the Recharge Voucher or process any payment made by the consumer. The consumer agrees to contact the retail outlet from where the SIM Card was received or the Recharge Voucher and request for a refund.
  • 7. We recommend to the consumer that it is illegal to use a mobile phone while riding a motor vehicle and to recognize the inherent risk of using a mobile phone while riding a motor vehicle. Avoo Mobile shall not be liable for any harm or loss or inconvenience caused to the consumer by any accident caused by the use of a mobile phone while riding a motor vehicle.
  • 8. Nothing in this Terms and Conditions shall exclude or restrict the liability of either Party for death or personal injury caused by negligence on the part of that Party, liability arising under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 or as a result of wilful delinquency, fraud, gross negligence on the part of that Party or any other liability which cannot be excluded or restricted by applicable law.
  • 9. Avoo Mobile liability to the consumer under this Agreement shall be limited to a total maximum aggregate amount of £1,000.00 per claim or series of related claims.
  • 10. If the consumer incurs any harm or loss or inconvenience, the consumer is requested to notify the Customer Support Department of the claim in writing promptly and, in any case, within four (4) weeks of your claim discovery of the claim. Damage, loss or inconvenience which has not been reported in writing to the Customer Services Department within this four (4) week period shall not be reimbursed. This four (4) week period will not apply if the Service usage of the consumer (and not in combination with a trade or business) and the consumer were not reasonably expected to notify the Customer Support Department in writing within this period.
  • 11. Avoo Mobile is not liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused to the consumer, and is not liable to provide the Services or Products, as a result of reasons out of control of Avoo Mobile, which includes but not limited to Act of God, war, natural disaster, terrorism, government act, industrial action or any act or decision made by a court of competent jurisdiction. These mentioned reasons are known as “force majeure”.


  • 1. Avoo Mobile reserves the complete right to alter these terms and conditions for legal or regulatory grounds. On occasions, Avoo Mobile may also need to alter these terms and conditions as a consequence of modifications made by our network providers or for other technical or commercial purposes, such as modifications to our Products and Services. Avoo Mobile may also alter the fees or introduce fresh charges. Changes to Charges will be expressed from moment to moment in our tariff table.
  • 2. If a change is significantly unfavorable to the consumer, Avoo mobile will offer the consumer at least one month's notice. If the consumer does not accept a change that is notified as significantly unfavorable, the consumer may cancel this Agreement or discontinue the Services usage or Recharge of the Account. If the consumer uses the Services or the Account after the changes are made, consumer agrees to the change acceptance.
  • 3. Avoo Mobile recommend the consumer to visit the website regularly for any updates. Any changes in our Products or Services shall be mentioned on our website, in advertisement, via email, in our social networking websites, newsletters, text message or by other reasonable means.


  • 1. for any queries or complaints about the Products or Services, the consumer agrees to contact our Customer Support Department with respect to clause 1.6 of this Agreement via email to support@avoomobile.com.
  • 2. This Agreement is the complete agreement between the consumer and the Avoo Mobile with your relation to the Products and the Services. It takes preference over all the prior agreement which is written or oral. The retail outlets have no authority to modify this Agreement or agrees to modify the terms in this Agreement which are inconsistent with these terms and conditions.
  • 3. No terms or conditions of this Agreement is enforceable by any third party under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act, 1999.
  • 4. Failure or delay by Avoo Mobile or the consumer to enforce any right within this Agreement shall not prohibit Avoo Mobile or the consumer from taking further action.
  • 5. If any term or condition of this Agreement is determined to be partially or wholly void or unenforceable by any court or body of competent jurisdiction or as a result of any legislation, that particular terms and condition shall be considered void only to that extent. The other terms and conditions mentioned in this Agreement shall stay unaffected.
  • 6. Avoo Mobile is entitled to assign to a third party all of its rights and responsibilities under this Agreement. The consumer is entitled, with the written approval of Avoo Mobile, to ambassador all of the consumer rights and responsibilities under this Agreement to a third party.
  • 7. This Agreement put forward by Avoo Mobile is governed by English law and the English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any disagreement under this Agreement.


  • 1. Delivery & Postage: For the new SIM Card purchased to get delivered, we expect it to take up to 5 business days.
  • 2. Credit Check: Not required.
  • 3. Allowance: the inclusive allowance of the consumer can be used to make calls to standard UK landlines, mobile numbers, text messages, mobile data usage in the UK. It is non-inclusive usage of International Standard Roaming; and International Text Message.
  • 4. Roaming Services: It is the mobile telephone services that the consumer uses when traveling out of the country (UK). The EEA Roaming services provided to you are subjected to any additional terms as well as comes with a FUP (fair usage policy).
  • 5. Upfront Cost: No upfront fee is applicable for SIM-only deals. The consumer is only charged for the plan chosen at the inception of each billing cycle.
  • 6. Recharge or Payment: The consumer agrees to Recharge of make payments using their debit/credit card in order to use the Service. The traffic plan charge shall be deducted from the Account.
  • 7. Billing: Billing at Avoo Mobile consist of 30 days billing cycle. For existing customers, the billing starts from the purchase date. For new customers, the billing cycle shall start from the day of SIM Card activation.
  • 8. Refunds: Avoo Mobile shall not provide any refunds for any plans purchased UNLESS the service is not been used. If the consumer request for a within 24 hours with our Customer Support Team for a different plan, we shall carry out the request.
  • 9. Cancellation: If consumer does not want to continue the plan which they selected. The consumer is requested to contact our Customer Support Team before the plan gets expired. The consumer agrees to pay for any fee which takes place during the cancellation.


The Avoo Mobile Terms and Conditions are as follows. By ordering our Products or Services.

  • 1. General Information: The consumer is liable to provide accurate information during the registration process. The consumer is the only person entitled for Service usage and shall not transfer the service to any other person or register an account on behalf of another person. The Consumer agrees to be older than 18 years during the registration. All the prices mentioned are in UK sterling and updated regularly. Avoo Mobile reserves the complete right to alter the prices of any item at any time.
  • 2. Payment: All the payments shall be made through the secure facility provided by Avoo Mobile.
  • 3. Age Restriction: The consumer is expected to be eighteen (18) years old or older for Services usage.
  • 4. Consumer Right: The consumer has the complete right to cancel any subscription from the 10 working dates from the date of signup and doesn’t use the provided service. Upon cancelation, the consumer shall receive the complete refund with respect to our refund policy. To cancel a subscription, the consumer is requested to contact us via email. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude or limit your legal rights as a consumer.
  • 5. Refund Policy: Avoo Mobile shall process the refund as soon as possible, in any case, within 30 working days on cancellation notice. Avoo Mobile shall refund the money using the same methods used by the consumer to pay for the Service.
  • 6. Events Outside Our Control: Avoo Mobile shall not be deemed responsible for any failure or delay in performing out obligation when the delay or failure results from any causes that are beyond the reasonable control of Avoo Mobile.
  • 7. Applicable Law: The sale terms and goods supply are subjected to the English Law, and the English courts shall have jurisdiction during a dispute.
  • 8. Termination of service: AVOO Mobile and its holding company reserves the rights to offer or terminate a User/Customer unilaterally should any act or conduct by the User/Customer is detrimental to the company or any third parties it works with. Such action will not need any explanation and will be the sole discretion of the company.
  • 9. Privacy Policy: Avoo Mobile shall collect personal information about the consumer when the consumer provides it through our website or App. The information provided to us is encrypted and any information stored shall be held in secured servers. Avoo Mobile shall disclose your information only if requested by law or by a regulatory body.

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